Patient-Centered Improvement

At Kaiser Permanente, we understand that a quality care experience, superior clinical delivery, and efficient, safe operations are all critical to achieving successful outcomes for members. That’s why Kaiser Permanente utilizes the Care Management Institute to provide the expertise and innovation necessary to develop a holistic care approach.  

Understand the patient care experience
We include members as important participants in innovation teams to promote trust and collaboration with provider care team members. By working together, we develop care pathways that are patient-centered and are more likely to result in members understanding health risks and adhering to treatment.

Identify the key steps of the evidence-based clinical process
Each member deserves the best clinical process. We bring together multidisciplinary teams of physician experts to review the medical literature, identify essential evidence-based steps in care pathways, and provide expert consensus based recommendations in situations where no medical evidence exists.

Design and implement the key components of efficient, safe, reliable operations
Through rigorous application of improvement science to complex systems, we enhance existing operations through both incremental improvement and comprehensive redesign.