Site policies

At Kaiser Permanente, we are committed to providing our members and users of this Web site authoritative and reliable health information.

Vendor relationships
We will clearly disclose on the site any significant business relationships between Kaiser Permanente and other organizations mentioned on our site. We will make reasonable efforts to determine that companies that provide health content or health-related services for this Web site abide by appropriate ethical standards of conduct.

Conflict-of-interest policy
To keep our health information as free from bias as possible, we require all Kaiser Permanente authors, editors, message board moderators, and other content contributors to this Web site to disclose any potential conflicts of interest they may have. Possible conflicts of interest include financial relationships or other affiliations with businesses or organizations that promote or sell products or services that are the subjects of the health information being considered. If such conflicts of interest exist, or if there would be a reasonable perception by the public that a conflict of interest could exist, the person would be excluded from contributing to that particular topic.

Advertising policy
This Web site does not accept advertising from any source not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente. We may provide links to other Kaiser Permanente Web sites that do contain advertising.

Product sales policy
Any information promoting a product or service that is offered for sale on this Web site will be clearly identified as marketing information.

Content selection and credibility
Topics to be covered, their emphasis, and placement on the site are determined by Kaiser Permanente.

Whether produced by Kaiser Permanente or licensed from outside sources, our site will contain health information that we believe to be credible and up-to-date. We will not make claims of therapeutic benefit without reasonable support.

Initial content review
Health information authored or produced by Kaiser Permanente staff for this Web site is reviewed for accuracy by Kaiser Permanente health professionals.

Editorial independence
Kaiser Permanente maintains editorial independence. Kaiser Permanente health professionals review and approve health information on this Web site, whether it is produced by Kaiser Permanente staff, or is licensed from outside sources.

Health links
To provide you with additional resources, this Web site may contain links to other Web sites. However, unless we state otherwise, providing an external link does not imply benefit coverage or formal endorsement by Kaiser Permanente. We will make reasonable efforts to ascertain that linked sites abide by appropriate ethical standards of conduct. While we do select the sites we link to with care, we do not vouch for or assume responsibility for the material contained on those sites.