Evidence Services

CMI evidence services creates, shares, and leverages clinical content and knowledge to provide the evidence-based foundation to help clinicians deliver effective health care. The clinical content and knowledge are in the form of clinical practice guidelines, practice resource, and evidence synopses, which are used throughout the Kaiser Permanente regions.

  • Clinical practice guidelines are a collection of clinical recommendations that address the management of patients with a specific condition, which may include detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The clinical recommendations in a guideline are developed following the evidence-based Kaiser Permanente common methodology, which requires a systematic review of the medical research. Some examples of our guidelines are available here.
  • Practice resources provide a summary of selected clinical recommendations, often consensus-based or expert opinion, on a topic that is either outside the scope of an existing clinical practice guideline or does not warrant development of a full guideline. A systematic literature review is not required. However, a practice resource may use information from existing evidence synopses or other information synthesized from high quality evidence-based sources.
  • Evidence synopses provide a summary of evidence-based clinical information on a select topic. Synopses are based upon information synthesized from high quality evidence-based sources.